The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is an international order of Christian chivalry dating to the Crusades. The Order is composed of carefully selected men and women, lay and clergy, from those Christian denominations which accept the Nicene Creed. Our focus is service to others and the promotion of Christian ecumenism. We are the only legitimate Order of Saint Lazarus.

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The aims of the Order are to:

  • Sustain and defend the Christian faith
  • Maintain its historical support of Christians in the Holy Land
  • Assist the poor, succor the sick, and help the afflicted, especially those suffering from Hansen’s disease or other debilitating diseases
  • Promote and follow the principles of Christian chivalry
  • Work for Christian unity
  • Support achievement of the aims and principles of the United Nations Charter and the statutes of the European Union through activities in charitable, philanthropic, health and education fields

Members have two basic responsibilities to support the Order of Saint Lazarus in meeting its current expenses and performing its charitable work:

Annual Dues

Members are expected to make an Annual Dues payment to the Order of St. Lazarus by Saint Lazarus Day, December 17. The amount of Annual Dues is based on the rank of the individual and follows a specific schedule.

Annual Charitable Donation

Members of the Order of Saint Lazarus are expected to make an annual charitable contribution to the Order of Saint Lazarus during the season of Pentecost. This donation is given, as it was by the original Hospitaller Knight, in lieu of his personally ministering to the needs of the injured, ill and afflicted. Contributions are made directly to the separate charitable arm of the Grand Priory of America, The American Association of the Order of Saint Lazarus, Inc. (AASL), a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. Contributions are fully tax deductible. As we are an all volunteer organization, 100% of all donations support charitable projects and activities in the United States, Mexico, and the Holy Land as well as other Hospitaller programs of the Order.

What are some of the charitable activities of the Order?

The Grand Priory of America supports both International and National charities.

International efforts have included:

  • Rising Star Outreach (India): Funding of mobile medical vans and medical clinics in southern India
  • Infant Welfare Center (Jerusalem)
  • Leprosy Hospital (Rincon, Cuba)
  • Hope for Tomorrow (Quang Nam Province, Vietnam): Funding that serves over 3,000 patients
  • AMAR Foundation and Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC): Humanitarian aid to displaced refugees in Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan

National Efforts have included:

  • Hansen’s disease clinics throughout the country
  • ORGANIZE, facilitating organ/tissue donation registration
  • War Veteran’s Home and Shelter
  • ECHO homeless shelter
  • Medical clinics
  • National Workshop on Christian Unity
  • Fr. Val Ambrose McInnes, OP, Center for Catholic Life at Tulane University

When do the members of the Order meet?

The Grand Priory of America has an annual meeting in the fall of each year. The meeting rotates around the country and is hosted by one of the sub jurisdictions.

Members of the Order are invited to the annual meetings of the international priories as well. Any member can attend.

Each Commandery also holds various events throughout the year.

Who decides on which charitable activities to support?

A Commandery may submit a proposal for the AASL to fund a project each year. The Almoners and Hospitallers recommend to the AASL Board preferred projects. The Board makes the final decision.

Each Commandery may also support individual projects with Commandery funds. Every member is encouraged to propose charitable projects for Commandery consideration.

Please start the membership application process by contacting our Chancery Office at or by using the contact form below.