50th Grand Master  H.E. Don Francisco de Borbón Graf von Hardenberg, GCLJ
49th Grand Master  H.E. Don Carlos Gereda de Borbón, Marquis de Almazán
48th Grand Master (Emeritus) H.E. Don Francisco de Borbón y Escasany, GCLJ, GCMLJ, 5th Duke of Seville
Grand Prior for America H.E. The Chevalier John Francis Byrnes, Jr., GCLJ, KMLJ
Membership 1960s: 15
1970s: 300
1980s: 400
1990s: 500
2000:  560
2010:  474
2020:  395 active, 4 inactive and 98 affiliates                          2021:  365 active, 7 inactive and 87 affiliates
Founding Year of the Order 1098 A.D.
Feast Day of Saint Lazarus 17 December
Color of the Order Green
Cross of the Order The eight-pointed green “St. Lazarus” Cross
Motto “Atavis et Armis” (Ancestors and Arms)
Administrative Seat Lake Charles, LA (Chancery Office)
National Shrine of our Order New Orleans Ursuline Convent, French Quarter
Membership Directory The Green Book