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May 4, 2017 to May 10, 2017
 Kalaupapa, HI (Molokai Island)

You are invited to join the Commandery of the West, in the Grand Priory of the United States of America, for our annual pilgrimage to the leprosy colony on Molokai. Events surrounding this will take place May 4th through the 8th of 2017.

Kalaupapa leprosy colony was established by King Kamehameaha V in 1866, and has continued to serve patients ever since. The Order of Saint Lazarus in the West, in the Grand Priory of the United States, and in the offices of our Grand Master all support the patients as a part of our work. Come and join us in our annual visit to the patients, and to the Franciscan convent that is run by Sister Alicia Damien Lau, who is also a member of the Order of Merit in Saint Lazarus. Normally, an invitation to Kalaupapa is rare, and difficult to achieve. Because it is a working hospital colony, one may land at Kalaupapa only if invited, and then only with a special permit from the US Park Services. This is an opportunity that is hard to miss.

Special events will include a mass of Veneration of the Relics of Saint Father Damien and Saint Mother Marianne Cope at the Cathedral Basilica of Honolulu, a visit to the personal effects of Saint Father Damien at the Saint Patrick Monastery Archives, and a tour of the USS Arizona memorial aboard the Admiral’s Barge. More events are in planning at this time.