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March 27, 2020

Dear Confreres and Consoeurs –

With the increasingly wider community spread of the COVID-19, the health concerns of those planning to attend the 2020 Senior Officer Mid-Year Meeting, and the fact that many of us planning to attend the meeting fall in the high risk category for serious complications if we become infected with the virus, our Grand Prior has decided to cancel the face-to-face mid-year meeting at the DFW Hyatt.

Because of the importance of this event for the current and future operations of the Grand Priory of America, we still plan to hold an abbreviated but robust virtual meeting using ZOOM video conferencing technology, on Friday March 27, 2020, from 11:00 AM EDT to 5:00 PM EDT.  As you had previously planned to travel and attend on Friday and Saturday, we hope that you will still reserve the Friday to participate.

Within the next week, we will provide a revised agenda for the conference, as well as details and instructions on how to join on line.  We encourage everyone to download and practice using the Zoom program before the meeting, to avoid any unnecessary delay due to difficulties in linking in.  We hope that by video conferencing, everyone who had been invited to attend the DFW Hyatt meeting will still be able to participate fully.

For those that made hotel reservations at the DFW Hyatt, you should cancel your room reservation at the earliest possible date.  For those that made flight reservations for travel to DFW, as many of the airlines are waiving cancellation/rescheduling fees, you should check with your carrier as to whether and how it is handling travel cancelation/rescheduling.  At the very least, you may be able to obtain a no-penalty credit for a future flight at the value of your current ticket.

The GPA Receiver, Bea Hensleit, is prepared to refund the $135 Mid-Year Meeting meal fee and any additional Friday dinner guest fee.  Of course, you have the additional option to donate and transfer those funds to the AASL as part of your 2020 Pentecostal Appeal.  Please contact Bea regarding how you want your refund handled.

We sincerely appreciate all that have made arrangements to attend this important mid-year meeting at DFW.  We feel it is in the best interest of our members to cancel the gathering, but to replace it with a virtual meeting.

As mentioned, information and instructions to join the ZOOM video conference on Friday, March 27th, will be send out shortly.  Please make every effort to participate



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