This Daily Devotion is to help our members and others reflect on the understanding of Christian service to our Lord.

Devotion for Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The Rt. Rev. Archimandrite, Msgr. George Appleyard

July 23

An Invitation to Prayer

O Lord, our God, grant us peace,
for you give us all things.
—O Lord, our God, take possession of us

for we know of no other than you.
Let us adore that unique name! ​(Isaiah 26:12&13)

Psalm 77(78):9-17
The sons of Ephraim​, ​strong and​ ​skilled archers, turned and ran on the day of battle.
They did not keep God’s covenant,
and did not want to walk by his law.
They forgot his kindnesses
and the wonders he had shown them,
the wonders he did before their ancestors
in the land of Egypt, on the plain of Zoan.
He divided the sea and led them through, separating the waters as though in a sluice.
He led them with a cloud by day
and by the light of a fire at night.
He sundered the rock in the wilderness
and had them drink as from a deep well.
He brought the water from the rock
and made the water flow like a river.
But they only sinned against him the more, exasperating the Most High in the desert.

From Saint Basil’s Homily Against Anger.
Whenever anger becomes insatiable, like a flame with abundant fuel, and nurses its grudges, then the spectacle defies description and is unbearable to watch. Hands are raised against relatives and his whole body is thrown into the attack. Vital organs are kicked without mercy and everything at hand becomes a weapon at the service of this madness. And if these wicked people find equally wicked people opposing them, then an equally insane and violent rage is returned by the opponent and they come to blows for sure, and they inflict on themselves and each other such things that are instigated by a demon responding in the same way. The prize taken away from anger by those in the brawl is often broken limbs or death. One picked a fight unjustly and the other repaid it, inflicting harm in return because the first did not submit. As the body is macerated by blows, temper dulls the sense of pain because they do not have time to realize what they have suffered, since all of their soul has been galvanized for revenge against those who have upset them.

A Prayer

O Holy Spirit, keep me from ever being swept into a storm of rage, even when I see it as defending the honor of God or some other entity of great importance to me, like my family or my country. At that moment let me remember that heaven does not need such protection, for the Father can give his Son legions of angels to accomplish that. Rather, keep me mindful that the Christ accomplished his work by willingly submitting. Let me be judicious in my use of force or coercion where necessary, and never resort to rage. Give me the disposition of my Savior! Amen.