This Daily Devotion is to help our members and others reflect on the understanding of Christian service to our Lord.

Devotion for Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Rt. Rev. Archimandrite, Msgr. George Appleyard

An Invitation to Prayer

Do not imitate the ways of this age, says the Apostle,
but be transformed by the renovation of your mind.
-Let us discern you will, O God,
to know what is good, perfect, and pleasing to you.Cf. Rom. 12:2

Psalm 37/3815-22

I hoped in you, O Lord;
you will listen, O Lord my God.

I said, do not make my enemies gleeful over me.
When my legs wobbled they gloated over me.
But I am used to getting beaten,
and my suffering is constant.

I will confess my offense,
and I will take pains for my sin.
Yet my enemies live and are stronger than I,
and those who hate me unjustly multiply.

Those who repay evil for good slander me
all because I pursue justice.
Do not reject me, O Lord, my God,
do not abandon me.
Come and help me, O Lord of my salvation.

A reading adapted from Basil’s, Preface to the Long Rules

Nor will an individual with the attitude of a hired hand deliberately disobey an order. Would he be paid for tending the grape vines if he did not do all that he agreed to do? If, for overlooking one detail, the vine fails to produce, who would pay such a one until the loss is compensated? The third type of attitude is motivated by love. Now, what son or daughter, really seeking to please his or her father and to bring him joy in important matters, wants to cause him pain in less important matters? And this filial devotion will be reinforced when we remember the words of Paul, “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with which you were sealed.”

A Prayer

Most Holy Spirit, like the first rays of the dawning day the spirit of Lent begins to shine in our hearts and minds, the blessed time of improvement. May it dispel the dim shadows of spiritual laziness, and may we get up and hurry to accomplish our renewal by it. Grant us the zeal of the season, Most Holy Spirit.