This Daily Devotion is to help our members and others reflect on the understanding of Christian service to our Lord.

Devotion for Friday, June 18, 2021

The Rt. Rev. Archimandrite, Msgr. George Appleyard

June 14

An Invitation to Prayer

The Lord brought me back to the entrance of the Temple
and a stream was flowing east from the Temple threshold.
—And wherever this river flows all the creatures teeming within it will live.

For wherever this river goes it brings health,
and wherever it flows it brings life. ​(Ezekiel 47:1&9)

Psalm 16(17):1-5

Attend to my righteousness, O Lord;
listen to my petition.
Hear a prayer from lips that do not lie.
May my verdict come down in your presence; let my eyes witness integrity.

You have examined my heart, scrutinizing at night, testing me by fire, and you found no injustice in me.
May my mouth not even speak
of such things as people do.
I have kept to the difficult ways because of the words of your lips. Direct my steps on your paths
so that my steps never falter.

A reading from Basil’s ​Long Rules​, #41, cont.
By nature we cannot concentrate on doing two things at the same time. It is better to finish one task with great care than to undertake many simultaneously and not finish them. If the mind is distracted by many pursuits at the same time and flits from one to another—besides the fact that nothing is accomplished perfectly—it is also symptomatic of a distracted character either ingrained or being ingrained. In case of necessity, one who has the skill may assist others in occupations other than his own. Yet even that should not be done on one’s own volition but only on request—for we should respond to a genuine need and not on our own whim, in the way our physical body teaches. When we feel like we are losing our balance, our hand reaches out to hold onto something to steady us. Again, it is not good to take up a trade on our own initiative but, at the same time, to refuse an appointment to one is reprehensible since it shows a breach of docility and obedience.

A Prayer

Your side was opened by the thrust of a soldier’s lance, O Jesus, and blood and water flowed from it. May I be washed clean by that stream of purifying water from the temple of your body and strengthened by the fountain of your blood so that, freed from my faults which trip me up, and nourished by your blood, I may be the kind of person you want for your friend, as Lazarus was your friend. I do not deserve so great an opportunity, but I trust that you, having called me thus far, will not abandon me on the way. Amen.