This Daily Devotion is to help our members and others reflect on the understanding of Christian service to our Lord.

Devotion for Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Rt. Rev. Archimandrite, Msgr. George Appleyard

June 11

An Invitation to Prayer

The hand of the Lord came upon me and said, “Get up, and go out into the valley.
I am going to speak to you.”
—The glory of the Lord was resting there,

and the Spirit of the Most High entered me. ​(Ez. 3:22-24)

Psalm 13(14)

The fool says in his heart, there is no God.
They are corrupt and disgusting in their pursuits. None does good, not even one.

The Lord looked out from heaven upon the human race to see if any were mindful and sought God.
All had turned away and became good for nothing. None did good, not even one.

Their throat is an open grave.
Using their tongues for deceit,
Their lips drip with the venom of snakes,
their mouth is full of cursing and malice,
their feet run to shed blood,
their way is paved with destruction and distress, and the path of peace is unknown to them.
The fear of God is not before their eyes.

Will all those who engage in lawlessness not learn, those who devour my people as though eating bread, never calling upon the Lord?
They are struck with fear where there is nothing to fear, because God is with the generation of the just.

You mock the aims of the poor
because the Lord is their hope.
Who will bring the deliverance of Israel from Zion? When the Lord brings back the captives of his people let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad.

From Basil’s​ Long Rules, ​Question 27:
About the one who does his duty in an arrogant or critical way. Obviously, the work performed by a chronic complainer or ​boaster cannot be compared with that of a humble and self-effacing person. The work of the first is a blemished sacrifice and should not be accepted, and to include it with the work of the rest is unholy. If those bringing profane fire to the altar became the object of such terrible wrath (Cf. Lev. 10:1-2), how is it not dangerous—in view of the command—to accept work which proceeds from a spirit hateful to God? Doesn’t Isaiah (63:3) say, “It is like sacrificing a dog to me when a wicked person offers a calf; and like pig’s blood when he offers fine flour.” So, the works of the lazy and the complainer should not be accepted by the community. The superiors should keep careful watch over that part of the community so that they may not violate the decree of the one who said, “The one who walks blamelessly will be my servant; the one who vaunts himself shall not live in my house.” (Ps. 10:6-7)

A Prayer

O Lord Jesus, you said, “Learn from me because I am meek and humble-minded.” How can I serve, truly serve, with integrity and sincerity if I approach my duties with an exaggerated sense of my contribution—and thus think I have done more than my share—or become lazy and indifferent to the promises I made, and the obligations I embraced, when I joined the Order. Open my mind to understand your way, and my heart to desire it. Amen